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母国以外で不動産を購入するって相当な不安や心配事があったはずです。そんな“Great Experience”をMr.Wさんからお伺いします。

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Why did you decide to purchase an apartment in Japan?
I did a lot of research when I started looking for an apartment. First I compared the cost of renting and the costing of owning a property. I found that owning a property in Japan is not so expensive compared to the cost of renting.

Also, because interest rates are relatively low in Japan, this also made it attractive to get a home loan. If I decide to leave Japan, then of course I can keep the property and rent it to someone.

How did you search for an apartment?
I did most of my research on the internet. I checked many different websites, and compared the location, distance from train station, and prices. When I found an interesting property on the website, I contacted the agent for a viewing.

The Yokohama Kukan website was the best website I saw on the Internet. I especially liked the Google Maps, the photographs, the videos and the detailed comments and evaluations from the agents. This allowed me to ‘experience’ their properties before I actually visited them.
What were your concerns when purchasing the apartment?
My biggest concern was the contract and other important documents. Since the contract is all in Japanese (not my native language), I needed to have strong trust with the real-estate agent.

Saitoh-san took a lot of extra time to explain the important points to me in English. So I felt comfortable with the contents of the contracts and documents. Also, he introduced me to other people in his trusted network for legal services. So the entire process was very smooth.
Do you have any advice about the loan process?
I would recommend that people should have more than one option for financing. Then if one option is not possible, you can have a back-up plan. For example, approach more than one bank and try to get pre-approval for your loan.

In my case, I approached one bank, but their decision making process was too slow. Luckily, Saitoh-san negotiated an extension for me. Then I was able to use my backup plan for the loan.
What did you notice by having really owned an apartment?
There were many steps from the beginning to the end, however, I received lots of help through the entire process. It is a great feeling to own a new home!


主演、監督、脚本 すべてが「自分」のストーリー(人生)。そこには素敵な舞台(すまい)が必要です。私たちはこだわりのおすまいを丁寧にご紹介いたします。